Tarp Accessories
Whether you are looking for logistic straps, load straps, ratchet straps, trailer winch bars, or simple bungee cords and rubber ties - we carry a wide variety of logistic supplies and accessories in stock - ready for pick-up or shipment.

Rubber Ties
We stock only the highest quality, natural rubber, rubber tarp straps.  These tarp straps are not your average tarp bungee cord - they are all natural rubber, with high strength wire S-hooks pre-installed.  These cords are designed for use in harsh conditions and resist cracking and degradation common to big box store bungee cords.
- Sold individually or in boxes of 50.

Stock Sizes
Note - Size denotes rubber length, S hooks add 4" to rubber length.
Poly Rope
We stock a variety of sizes of yellow poly rope.  Durable poly twist construction
- Sold in spools, by the foot, or attached to your tarp.
Description Spool
3/16” Yellow Poly Rope 2125'
1/4" Yellow Poly Rope 1300'
5/16" Yellow Poly Rope 975'
Winch Straps & Ratchet Straps
The winch straps and ratchet straps we carry are manufactured by Kinedyne®, and are of highest quality for long life, and most importantly strength.

Ratchet Straps
Webbing Size Length End Attachment
2" 30'
Flat Hook:
2" 30'
Wire Hook:
Various strengths & end fittings available.
Ratchet Buckle Straps are available in optional 25' length.

Winch Straps

Webbing Size Length End Attachment
2", 3", 4" 30'
Flat Hook:
2", 3", 4" 30'
Wire Hook:
2", 3", 4" 30'
Wire Hook:
Various strengths and end fittings available.
Trailer winch straps are also available in optional 25' length.

Winch Bars
High strength, plated trailer winch bars - designed to work with standard trailer winches.
Size Photo
Load Banners & Danger Flags
From custom banners, to stock danger flags, and truck load banners, we've got it all.  Banners can be custom made to your specification, or stencilled with your required lettering.
Description Size Attachments  
Reversible Wide Load Banner
 - Wide load banner on one side
 - Long load banner on other side
18"x83" Grommets in the corners
Danger Banner
Red and White D Sign - MTO Specs
18"x96" Grommets in the corners
Nylon Danger Flag
Safety orange
Pocket for support pole, 
& shoe lace ties
Mesh Danger Flag
Safety orange
16"x18" Pocket for support pole, 
& two grommets
Bungee Balls
Our ball bungee replacements are a quick, simple and economical way to fasten canopies and fence covers.
Available from stock in 8" length, individually or in bags of 50.
Easy KlipTM - Western Hold-On
Torn out grommet? - No time to repair it?
Have an application where you need to install a grommet on site?
Grabs fabric with or without hems - Try it, ask for one free sample with any tarp purchase.
You'll be amazed at the strength - perfect for poly tarps, camping tarps, tent flys and winter boat covers.

HH-66 Vinyl Cement - BUY ONLINE!
This vinyl contact cement is ideal for repairing vinyl covers of all types.
 - HH-66 vinyl glue always in stock, available in 946ml or 237ml cans
 - All cans have brush top applicator for easy application and re-use.

 - Bulk (1Gal.) quantities available

Patching a vinyl cover?  Ask us for a vinyl patch kit.

Polyethylene (PE)
Self adhesive poly repair tape.
Ideal for quick repairs to small tears in polyethylene covers of all types.
Please call us or email us with your requirement.