Custom Tarps - Speciality Tarps
In addition to our vast selection of stock tarpaulins, our specialty is custom products. 
With such a diverse customer base and over 60 years of experience, we can manufacture exactly what you are looking for.  No request is beyond our capabilities. 
Whether you need...
 - Manufacturing to specification
 - Complete design and fabrication
 - A custom prototype for mass offshore manufacturing
 - A one of custom cover, trailer cover, boat cover
 - A replica or replacement cover
 - A movie or TV studio prop
We have you covered from design to delivery.
Here are just a few examples of custom work we have done for different industries.
Film Industry
Custom fabrication of an Isolation Tent for ABC's hit TV series Combat Hospital.
 - Build to spec, fully enclosed replica isolation tent.
 - Maintain authenticity without hindering ability to film contents of tent from all angles
 - Less than 1 week turn around

Construction Industry
Custom fabrication of tarpaulin to catch construction debris from Toronto bridge repair project.
 - Design and custom fabricate a fabric funnel to catch bridge construction debris and avoid river contamination.
 - Collect and funnel debris, without abrading the cover, to a safe location for disposal.
Aerospace Industry
Custom fabricate OEM protective covers for commercial aircraft manufacturers.
 - Jet engine inlet covers (Embraer 175 shown)
 - Landing gear covers
 - Cockpit covers


Mechanical Services Industry
Custom fabricate OEM protective covers for elevating work platforms and hydro bucket covers.
 - Lightweight and easy to remove/install
 - Weather proof, suitable for highway travel

Wajax boom truck cover and Posi-Plus bucket cover shown.
Cherry picker bucket covers and crane boom covers of all sizes.
Cable reel covers in various sizes also available.

Warehousing Industry
Dock bumpers and loading dock seals
Loading dock enclosures and staging areas.
Custom fire retardant warehouse curtains and strip curtains

Transportation Industry
Custom protective machine covers for road transport.
Marine Industry
 - Fabricate lightweight, durable retractable roof system for tour boat
 - Fabricate custom poor weather enclosures
Equestrian Industry
Fabric top horse boarding stables and run in shelters.
Over 40 stables
Manufacturing Industry
Custom industrial curtains and industrial curtain track
Welding flash protection enclosures
Fabric walls and factory curtain partitions
Fire retardant machine enclosures.
And more...
Call us with your requirement.