Custom Truck Tarps and Trailer Tarps
In addition to our vast selection of stock tarpaulins, our specialty is custom products.
Whether you have a stake and rack truck or a flat bed carrying tarped loads, we have you covered. 
Our custom truck tarps and trailer tarps are made to measure to fit your frame or application.

 - Stake and rack tarps
 - Custom fitted tarps
 - Lumber tarps
 - Steel tarps
 - Coil covers
 - Machine tarps

You name it, we have covered it.  Bring it by our location for a free estimate and fabric sample or call to speak to our sales staff.

 - Reef bands, d-Rings, grommets, web Loops
 - Trailer straps
 - Rubber ties / bungee cords
 - Poly rope
 - Winches and winch bars
Visit our accessories page for more details
Custom graphics available! - Inquire.
Repairs for tarps of all types.
Whether you have a sliding tarp system, rolling tarp system, side curtain tarp system,
dump truck tarp, or a simple trailer cover - we can repair it and get you back on the road.