2019 is our 71st year! 

We would like to thank all of our customers 
for their continued loyalty and support.
Other News & Updates:
Year over year Western Tarp has grown!
We have added a full line of portable shelters to our product line.
Ranging in widths from 8' wide to over 60' wide by any length.

No matter the project size - We have a solution
Manufactured completely in house, in Toronto.
Dome Shelter Systems

A division of Western Tarpaulin & Co.
Check out http://www.domeshelter.com/  or click any Dome shown below.

Western Tarp on the small screen!
Our custom designed Isolation Tent was featured on ABC's hit TV series Combat Hospital.
Frame and covers manufactured in house, under tight timelines, to suit Toronto film crew demands.
Another example of our custom manufacturing capabilities.
Disaster Relief
Since 2011 Western Tarp, in association with a local non-profit have depoloyed over 30 disaster relief shelters to aid rebuilding efforts in Minamisanriku, Japan
after the devastating Tsunami.

Western Tarp at the Much Music Video Awards?
See our custom clear vinyl stage covers covering the stage top and sides at the most recent MMVA awards!
Ensure rain and weather does not reach the stage, while allowing stage effect lighting to pass through.
Check back frequently for updates!