Strip Curtains
Western's strip curtains are a cost effective solution to warehouse temperature control and dust control problems.  Our clear PVC strip curtain doors provide easy access for personnel and vehicle traffic while minimizing temperature loss and transfer of dust, fumes and particulate.
Each strip overlaps to form a seal when closed but easily pushes out of the way for access. 
Avoid unnecessary heat loss or cold loss that occurs each time an overhead door or loading dock door is opened.


 - Each PVC strip is available in custom widths and thicknesses to suit your application.
(Custom strips ranging in width from 4" to 48", 20, 40, & 80 mil. thicknesses)
 - Strips can be purchased individually to your specified width and length, or in roll form (PVC rolled goods)
 - Call us with your door opening size and application - we can recommend the approriate width of strip, overlap, and thickness of PVC

Easily mounted to walls, door lentils, or incorporated into fabric shelters,
or loading dock shelters.


Need to replace strip curtain parts?
8" Strip door strips in stock - Sold by the roll or cut to length.

 - Cooler room curtains or refrigeration room curtains
 - Loading dock strip curtains
 - Freight staging area curtains
 - Transition curtains between warm and cool warehouse areas
 - Wash bays or car wash strip curtains
 - Forklift or pallet truck doorway curtains

 - Repairing strip doors or replacing strip doors

Call us with your requirement - 1-800-265-9507